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Sterling Silver Findings & Jewelry

Dhruv Silver is direct manufacturer of sterling silver findings ,clasp,wires everything need for making jewelry. our price are the lowest in jewelry suppliers all over the world ! you can match price from our website to any manufacturer.

our quality and time being supplies is also best in this competetive time . we do only wholesale not for end user .

every piece of production checked at every step of production. 

our main products are  silver clasp findings,sterling silver finding,clasp,gemstone clasp,box clasp ,tab clasp,toggle clasp, wire,head pin,eye pin,silver,ear wire,ear hook,french ear wire hook,lobster lock,jewelry clasp ,beads spacers,patwa thread necklace,jhumka earrings,brass artificial jewelry,traditional jewellery,vintage necklace,fashion jewellery

silver lobster

silver lobster
$4.53 View Detail

Black Rose

Black Rose
$6.27 View Detail

Slider Clasp

Slider Clasp Sterling Silver
$9.58 View Detail

Vermeil Toggle

Vermeil Toggle
$3.95 View Detail


 Peacock Pearl clasp
$6.62 View Detail

Silver Head

Silver Head Pin
$0.18 View Detail

Silver Lever

Silver Lever Back
$0.87 View Detail

Silver Round

Silver Round Wire
$33.86 View Detail

pearl silver

pearl silver
$8.54 View Detail

Sil Filled

Sil Filled 2-Inch Head Pin
$0.03 View Detail

Sil Filled

Sil Filled C Shaped Earwire
$0.02 View Detail

Vermeil Clasp

Vermeil Clasp Pear Garnet
$9.28 View Detail

Vermeil Clasp

Vermeil Clasp Peridot
$5.92 View Detail

3 starnds

3 starnds Tube Slide lock
$4.35 View Detail

Rubylite Ring

Rubylite Ring
$24.68 View Detail

Peruvian Opal

Peruvian Opal
$17.42 View Detail

Chrome Disposide

Chrome Disposide
$15.68 View Detail

Flat Fish

Flat Fish Hook Ball
$0.19 View Detail

Kidney Curved

Kidney Curved
$0.17 View Detail

14k Gold

14k Gold Plated Fishhook
$0.20 View Detail

Curved French

Curved French Hook
$0.22 View Detail